Potent Graphics is run by Allisa Frazier who is a multifaceted artist, illustrator, designer + creative. Known for her identifiable illustrative style + maximized designs + distinguishable point-of-view. 


Born + raised in Indiana, her imagination + creativity grew larger than the small town lifestyle she was brought up in. She entered into the art industry as an undergraduate in Visual Communications at Ball State University. After graduating her ambition grew as she took it upon herself to learn + grow through freelance experience, continuing to build her portfolio. With a major interest in illustration, she got her first showcase with RAW Underground Artists in the summer of 2017. She's had multiple wall murals installed of her work in local libraries, with plans in place to have more put up in the near future.


She is energized by taboo subjects + bringing to light issues of human consumption + lack of consciousness + mistreatment of human advances. Her style is influenced by iconic design + hand-drawn lines + artists such as Keith Haring. Eyes are a repeating theme throughout her work as well as smoke + roadkill + plant life. 


Hoping to manifest a successful career as a studio artist she creates artwork daily including illustrations + designs + digital collages. She maintains a 9-5 job as a graphic designer creating signage designs + prepping prepress files for a printing company in downtown Indianapolis. Her ultimate focus is to create art that stands alone to provoke humor + thought + interest.


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