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If I'm not creating, I'm dead.

I am a Graphic Designer, Collage Artist, and Illustrator

based in Indianapolis, IN

Hey there ! I'm Allisa !
I can define my work through three factors --

- don't-quit attitude

- zero interest in cookie-cutter art

- authentic human expression

In terms of graphic design, a.k.a my day job, I can whip up print and digital designs like nobody's business. I've worked with all kinds of businesses, from tiny mom-and-pop sign shops to large e-commerce clients. Some passions/skills I've gained include an interest in web accessibility, creative problem-solving, file organization and effectively communicating

design decisions.

Aside from graphic design, I'm a visual artist at heart. I received my B.F.A. in Visual Communications from Ball State University in 2015, and have been pursuing art ever since. From slinging $5 logos on Fiverr, to participating in my own art show at the Atheneum -- I've carved out my unique trajectory in art !


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