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I’m a multifaceted human being & artist.


I was born & raised...& still Indiana

(I can’t seem to find my way out of this corn maze).

My imagination & creativity have always been far more vast then the small-town lifestyle that I’ve been brought up in.


I entered into the industry as an undergraduate student at Ball State University. After graduating & gaining some footing in design, my ambition grew beyond my day job. I needed an outlet to utilize my creative cravings. I began to learn & grow, as an artist, through taking on freelance gigs - online. Through this experience, I continued to cultivate my artistic style & build my beginner’s portfolio.


With a major focus in Illustration, I received a spot in my first showcase with RAW Underground Artists in the Summer of 2017. From this event I gained momentum with publicly showing my personal artwork, maintaining a schedule of shows on a consistent basis thereafter.


Within the next year, I was inspired to start creating collage art. First through analog collage & then employing computer-based skills into digital collage art. This was a very significant event for me as an artist -- With collage, my creative ideas flow most freely & naturally.


Currently my daily life looks like - maintaining a lifestyle where my technique can grow & where I make the time to draw, design, & piece together some artwork on a day-to-day basis. I maintain contracted design work & I still continue to take on freelance projects spanning many different industries.


In the future, I hope to embody a progressive & ethical artist with a successful career in studio art. I hope to be creating personal projects, as well as collaboration with creative artists & within all mediums.


The goal is to focus on creating art that stands to provoke, be it through thought, inspiration, or opposition.



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